Muse Fitness

Be an inspiration…


Muse Fitness Trainers come to you, at your convenience.


When you become a member of Muse Fitness, you will receive;

  • A lifestyle assessment
  • Total Body assessment
  • Movement Screen
  • Short Term and Long Term Goal Setting
  • A detailed exercise program and plan using the principles of periodization to reach your specific goals
  • A Meal Diary analysis

Straight forward pricing

  • 1 session – $100
  • 6 session package – $90 each


  • Your home/condo Gym
  • Beach
  • Flamingo Park
  • Flamingo Track
  • South Pointe Park
  • Hotel Gym (if you are staying in a hotel)

*Please note workouts differ depending on the location

**Outdoor locations must be scheduled before 7:30pm due to lights



Trainer and CEO: Amelia Sofis M.S., ATC, LAT, CSCS, PES




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